Lease Negotiations


Leases are like chessboards — defined spaces in which to play out a vast number of moves. When it's your move, it helps to have a Grand Master on your side.  

A well-negotiated lease is an asset that adds value to your business. A poorly-negotiated lease is a liability — and a missed opportunity. I negotiate strong leases that add value to a business, reduce business risk, and seize opportunities that emerge in the give-and-take of negotiation. 

What I Do

As a partner at Davis Wright Tremaine, a Seattle-based full-service law firm, and then as a founding member of Opus Law Group, a Seattle-based leasing firm with national and local clients, I have negotiated more than two thousand leases for office, retail, restaurant, and health-care clients.At Leasing Strategies, I continue to negotiate strong, cost-effective leases for landlords and tenants. Most of my engagements are for a fixed-fee — a low-cost alternative that provides certainty and cost-containment in a world where uncertainty and cost-escalation abound. Many lawyers negotiate leases, but few can equal the combination of value and experience that I bring to the table. 

What Sets Me Apart

I make it my business to understand your business. Because I understand the impact a lease may have on your business objectives, at difficult moments in a lease negotiation, I am a deal-saver, not a deal-breaker.My litigation experience enriches my skills as a lease negotiator. This sets me apart from most other lease lawyers. Leasing experience, litigation perspective, and business insight — this is a rare and valuable combination in a lease lawyer. 

 I know what it takes to negotiate a high-quality lease, against even the strongest landlords. I know where and how to push back against strong positions when the other side controls the drafting. When my clients control the drafting, I know how to most effectively defend important positions.My practice addresses all the issues that may arise in a lease. I respond quickly and efficiently to drafts, revisions, and comments and push the other side hard to bring negotiations to closure, so that stores, offices, clinics, and restaurants may open as soon as possible. This efficiency enables me to offer my services for a fixed-fee, at a cost significantly less than law firms typically charge.  


Attorney/Managing Member 

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